Thursday, October 30, 2014

Typecast album: Word Sits Heavy (won from Jam 88.3)

I love Jam 88.3. And I guess they love them too in a random manner because for the second time, I won something from the station's contests! 

Plus Jam 88.3 stickers! 

I reblogged this post from the amazing Russ Davis' Fresh Filter tumblr, and I was one of the winners! Thank you, Jam and Typecast! 
The album cover, plus pick! Sad thing, I don't have a guitar.

Oh yeah!

Awesome, intricate album design. Good job!

I listened to the album tracks after a hectic day, and they were soooo good! I love headbanging sounds since elementary, and this album was a fresh reminder about that love.

I specifically enjoy "Gasoline" more because of it's intro and all the drum beats in between. 

You can listen to them for free here!

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