Thursday, April 18, 2013

Budget to buy a new camera

I lost my DSLR on Zambales seas (boat capsized, so I had no way to save my cam first), and currently, I do not have enough wage to buy a new one. :(

So I dedicated my Human Nature profit solely for my camera budget. To pump things up, (and to remind me always that I am far from my target money), I am launching in this blog how much profit I made since it became 'the camera budget' (Thank deities I already earned my cashed out to start the business :D).

I put it on the right sidebar. Yes, it's still small that I cannot buy the cheapest camera on sale (P 2999 last time I checked), that's why I'm doing my best to increase it (see my birthday giveaway and HN Batangas FB page) by promoting HN products. :)

Hoping to have a cam this year so aja for me! :D

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