Wednesday, March 14, 2012

1000 Cranes

Last year, May 19 was our 100th day as a couple, and I made 1000 cranes for this occasion.

He and I love green, and I didn't want the cranes to be rainbow-colored so I picked different hues of green papers for the project. I chose to work on 4cm x 4cm papers so that it would be a hassle to find box to put them to. I really measured them because working on a supposedly square origami paper but failed to be one is such a hassle. The initial plan was to write notes on every crane but I could not finish it on time if I do that so the notes are limited.

 I took pictures after I finished the 1000th, but I was so busy for the past months that I only have time to edit the shots now. XD

The Flames Crane

The Color of Love Crane

1000 cranes!

I had so much fun doing it, and I learned that if I choose to be OC, I can be OC too.

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